Capri Club of Queensland Inc.

About The Club

The Capri Club of Qld Inc. was formed in 1995 to cater for the growing demand by Queensland enthusiasts for a Club to preserve and enjoy Capri vehicles. The primary aim of the Club is to provide its members with a source of information, as well as fellowship through interesting social gatherings, organised events and monthly club meetings.

The People and Their Cars

The Club has steadily grown since its inception and boosts a solid core of dedicated members. The diversity of the people brought together as members share the common love of their Capris. Owners of all cars with the badge of Ford Capri are most welcome to join the Club. We also welcome enthusiasts who do not currently own a Ford Capri to join us.

Club Events and Activities

Primarily a social club, the Capri Club of Qld conducts monthly meetings at 7:30pm on the first Tuesday of each month except January to which all members and prospective members are welcome to attend. The Club meetings are held at Sunnybank Sports and Community Club which is located at 470 McCullough Street Sunnybank

Club events are varied and include car shows, club runs to places of interest and to destinations for lunch. The Club also holds a Annual Christmas Party and Concours.

By being a Club member you are provided with the opportunity of mixing with like minded people who share passion for the Ford Capri and who enjoy a relaxed friendly atmosphere.

As a Club member you will receive our Club newsletters which are distributed though out the year. The newsletter covers items including reports on past runs, upcoming events, cars and parts for sale and wanted as well as other items of interest

By being a member of our club you can join the Club’s Closed Facebook Group. This Facebook group is for members to Discuss and Post Capri Cars, club sanctioned runs and events as approved under SIVS rego conditions. (Club sanctioned runs/events are found on our website and in our newsletter). Please feel free to discuss your Capri resto and ask questions about your Capri. Cars and car parts wanted or for sale may be listed.

An additional benefit is the potential to obtain SIVS consessional registration for cars that  are thirty years old or more. NB. New members who who apply for SIVS concessional registration during the first year of membership will have to pay a  fee of sixty dollars to the Club for verification of their vehicle for Queensland Transport registration purposes. Please note it is a condition that to maintain SIVS concessional registration the registered owner must maintain membership of a recognised car club. For more details on SIVS concessional registration Click Here or Contact Queensland Transport.

Further benefits for members are the opportunity to source parts and discuss issues with like mined Capri owners who are willing to share information.

Capris on display